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we offer a ton of different options to get our customers on the road in a car they can trust and love for years to come, whether that be through a lease or through the purchase of new or used vehicles. The benefits of buying and leasing at wholesale prices are pretty obvious: the costs are less.

We are often asked how it is possible that we are able to offer wholesale prices to our everyday New York wholesale lease customers and not just business and those looking to buy in bulk. The simple answer is that we have put in over fifteen years to create the best business possible, and throughout that decade and a half, we’ve rubbed elbows with and made some great friends with dealerships across the country.

Another trick to our low costs is that anytime we can, we pass along the savings accrued from dealership rebates. These savings go straight to [...]

There are many benefits to leasing a new vehicle rather than purchasing a new or used vehicle straight out. Let’s go over some of them and explain how leasing can often be the difference between riding in style and a huge headache. The follow are great examples of why leasing is beneficial to the consumer that isn’t looking to hold on to their new car for twenty years.

Always Under Warranty

One of the great benefits of having a lease rather than buying is that your vehicle will always be under warranty during that time. You’ll easily be able to get the car serviced as needed, as this is almost always included as part of the lease.

New Vehicles

You also get to drive a new car without the headache of paying for it over an extremely long period of time. Plus, when your lease runs up, you get to pick up a new car [...]

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